People know that Malcolm and Martin were killed, that the Panthers were wiped out and Pac was murdered but that's where it ends......But they don't understand the reasoning’s behind it. Why was Malcolm Killed before Martin? Common misconceptions is that Malcolm didn’t like Martin. Actually when Malcolm was making his way through the south, he met with governors and government officials. What he told them was that if Martin were to be Killed, then they would have to deal with Malcolm and the Brothers! Now imagine enraged Brothers in arms in the streets taking charge with Malcolm leading the way, sword in hand. So they had to kill the body guard to get to the head so Malcolm was killed first. Martin was Killed after. History books leave out Martin’s last five years. During this time when he really pissed off someone (not to say that they were not already pissed off). The non-violence of the area protected whites from relation for their violent acts. Now, im not denouncing the non-violence way, we have to keep all options available at all times but Martin was starting to think that this non-violence thing was not working after the riot that occurred during one of his marches. Martin’s mindset was beginning to change.

Then there was Huey and the Panthers. The biggest threat was not the fact that they were armed or were militant. The threat as said by Hoover, was that they were doing things like giving free breakfasts to young Black Kids. Now how can that be threatening???The issue wasn’t about now, but 20 years from now when these kids would be adults. The Panthers were installing a sense of pride, strength and hope in these kids that they were actually worth something and the FBI and CIA didn’t want that. On that same note, Pac’s slaying, People think Suge had something to do with it. Come on people… And he wasn’t killed by the Crip's either. It wasn’t about who or what Pac was at the moment but what and who he could have been. He was the last remains of the Original BPP. He took the teachings and mentality of the Panthers and implied them to the new generation (something these so – called Black leaders need to try).They were nervous about how he could of become at the age of 30, 40 years old. So they had to knock him off before the hip-hop generation and the street gangs could grown into capable adults with a brilliant leader as their head.