If you're not worried about The New World Order, you will be. Everything that's needed for the rich and powerful to run every aspect of your life is in place. Within a few years there will be a cashless one world government, run by the richest people in the world. You will be "chipped" and tracked by the government, and if you protest, speak out, or otherwise displease Big Brother, your chip will be turned off, preventing you from buying or selling anything. The plan has started and in 2008, the "North American Union" will effectively eliminate the borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Also in 2008, you will be required to have a national I.D., soon after to become an implanted chip.






The Real ID Act, passed by Congress and signed by President Bush on May 11, 2005, mandates that all U.S. citizens will receive a National ID card by May of 2008.

Without this National ID, you won't...

* Drive your car
* Board a plane, train, or bus
* Enter any federal building
* Open a bank account
* Hold a job

If you can’t hold a job or have a bank account, how much buying and selling will you be able to do? Is the coming National ID the prophesied "mark of the beast"?

There is a prophecy in the Bible that foretells a time when every person will be required to have a mark or a number, without which he or she will not be able to participate in the economy. The prophecy is 2,000 years old, but it has been impossible for it to come to pass until now. With the invention of the computer and the Internet, this prophecy of buying and selling, using a number, can now be implemented at any time. Has the time for the fulfilment of this prophecy arrived?

Legislators Against Real ID, L.A.R.I., is a coalition of states formed to put up a united front against the federal governments effort to impose a national identification program. This website was put in place to update Americans on the progress of the Real ID legislation and to activate Americans to contact their representatives to take action. The Real ID Act is just one of many pieces of legislation from the Federal Government which, if allowed, would do considerable damage to the freedom of America. In 2005 the U.S. House and Senate passed HR418 which was hidden on appropriations for our troops, tsunami & Hurricane Katrina relief. The Real ID Act, as with the SSP ( Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America ), it removes all doubt that our Federal Government is out of touch with the citizens of the United States.

The penalties for one states non-compliance to the federal regulation would cause the citizens of Missouri to be unable to utilize many federal programs. States which do not implement Real ID would have their citizens unable to fly on planes, enter federal buildings or even receive federal benefits such as Social Security. Not wanting to add insult to injury for Missouri state citizens, it was my belief that helping all states to opt out of the Real ID Act would protect its citizens from federal penalties.



Legislators Against Real ID are committed to push legislation that helps the citizens of all the states in the United States. This Nation was formed to provide it's citizens with individual rights and freedoms. In our fragile experiment of democracy, we've had many great leaders who have stepped up in history by protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms that have made this country great. They are big shoes to fill, but it is my belief that every legislator who has rebelled against the federal government to protect it's citizens are doing so today. I would like to thank the great state of Maine and Senator Libby Mitchell for being the first state to proclaim independence from federal tyranny, and to every legislator thereafter who has helped. Through my quest I've had many legislators and constituents who have helped along the way, two legislators: Joel Winters of New Hampshire and Brady Wiseman of Montana have directly worked with me to move this legislation forward.






I have been seeing it in Canada and Im sure you have In America, Well I know you Have, However it all depends if you have been blinded by the Bullshit of the Government… The funny thing is that you all don’t even understand that we Canadians are going through the same injustices an inequality that you all have  been going through, and for some that have been fighting for.

But see the thing is Canada is like America’s Little Bitch.. We do what ever Bush says (or whatever American Government in Charge) If Bush says Jump we jump damn high… When Bush says sit and shut the fuck up.. Canada is a good Little Bitch! She listens.

But the thing is that you all don’t know that because its not put in the Media for people to see… Why I have my theories, however u make your own judgements.. Im sure you have a brain!!

Its time to start to Educate each other.. do Some research.. Read, Talk, make these Government officials know that we are getting ready for their New World Order!!   I mean I live right beside Detroit, and I see full suited army soldiers with big rifles (not sure what kind).. walking around down town, WTF.. they are getting ready… Well so should we!!!!
Well we need to get ready as well… If you don’t its going to be on you and you are going to be sorry that you never took the time and effort to educate and prepare for this war…

You Ready? I am

 Educate the uneducated!! Fight with knowledge.. fight for our children that we brought into this world.