From K-Loyal Mom- Peaches

15/06/2008 13:06

originally posted 2008

To all my Brothers and Sisters, and those who are familiar, and spiritually definate with concern for our rights. Civilly, physically and positively. For over 10 years I’ve established a well being with thyself and others and voluntarily I decided to go about, privileging other both financially and emotionally to oppose their negativity towards their Lives and futures. Let me explain, I put together a Non Profit organization for Less fortunate and irresponsible or uncapable adults, and youngsters. Not only to house them also to take a positive effect in their positions to help and better them, By giving advice and various referrals towards occupations for those who qualifies helping them, and teaching them responsibility on top of giving them a place to stay and get a fresh start. And recover from whatever illnesses or addictions they withheld without judgement. I welcomed each one into my life and treated them equally. I endured a great amount of respect without force. I helped hundreds of people with substance abuse, mental illness, and convicted criminals. Naturally loving every step of the way. My Passion was helping as many people as I could, that’s why I chose to open up LIFES CHANGES, a title that perfectly describes my motive, changing peoples lives for the better. Now all of this has been destroyed and ive been forced by so much harassment, dragged through the dirt, arrested by the feds and just recently arrested by the city of Riverside when visiting my son on some warrant that was not signed by the judge and was still in his chambers. Found out that it was for the same charges as for the Federal case. I should have been out on or but they forced me to have to get bailed out with money I don’t have, but the bail bonds gave me until next week on Monday to get the rest of the money, and more money for an attorney. Im in distress and about to lose my home for my family, because they wont let me work or give me clearance for my business. My doctor tells me im on the verge of a heart attack and breakdown. So will you Please my Brothers and Sisters Help me with donations on what ever you can on fighting these crooked police, city officials, I’m crying and in need of your help!! And if you can also send a signed petition to expose the city of Riverside for all the fraud and the harassment to innocent people and if there is any civil attorneys that can help our family to fight this unjustice city.



Thankyou and God Bless

Together we stand, divided we fall, or if 2 or more agree Gods right there with us! Together we can bring positive links to a better life for all of us who stand together!!!!

Written by Peaches, K-Loyals Mother a Black panther. Who is now currently been given a 4 year sentence


LATEST UPDATE 2012 Peaches has been Released!